Services for Sellers

Ian and his team have consistently achieved higher than market average of list to sale price. This means more profit for his sellers. Ian’s strengths in these areas have him succeeding where other agents fail.

  • Negotiating winning terms on behalf of his clients.

  • Having a strong relationships with other realtors within the broker community.

  • Maintaining the goal of netting a seller the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

Ian has established this respected track record of success by being a forward thinker who pinpoints the best strategies and marketing techniques to successfully match qualified buyers with his client’s properties.

More than anything, he does it all while making every moment, from consultation to closing, easy and effortless for you.

At first educating his clients, by clearly laying out his step by step process for success, Ian then customizes a specific strategy tailored to fulfill their goals and exceed their satisfaction. Ian’s years of award-winning service give him the unique marketing knowledge to hone in on your home’s potential buyer demographic. Together, Ian and his team’s strategies and tireless work ethic allow them to get the most out of every transaction. The amazing results will speak for themselves.

Below are resources to educate you on the selling process:

Where Buyers Come From


The Importance of Intelligent Pricing


It is important we price your home properly from the start, while buyer interest is highest.


Timing is extremely important in the real estate market. The above graph illustrates the importance of placing your property on the market at a realistic price and terms from the very beginning.  A property attracts the most excitement and interest from the real estate community and potential buyers when it is first listed.

Pricing vs Timing


Pricing your property competitively is going to generate the most activity from brokers and potential buyers.


Interest is at its highest when a property is initially placed on the market. Pricing your property too high may make it necessary to drop the price below market value to compete with newer, well priced listings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I determine the value of my home?

You are not the one who decides the value of your home-- the market does. Location, condition, competition, and lending/mortgage rates are all factors that determine the value of your home.

2. Can I still sell my home even if I have only lived there for a short period of time?

You can sell whenever you wish, but you will more than likely lose money if you buy a home and sell too quickly! The payments you make in the early part of your loan mainly go to the interest portion of your loan, not the principle. If you sell early in the process, unless you have made extra principle payments, got the home at an extremely low price, or made a large down payment, you will most likely have to bring money to the closing table in order to sell.

3. When is the best time to sell?

Traditionally, most homes have sold during the spring months, however, regardless of the time of year, our proven marketing, strategy and service maintain higher than average returns to our sellers and in less time.  The time of year is not the most reliable predictor of the best time to sell.

4. Should I be there when a real estate agent shows my home?

This is nearly always a bad idea! Sellers think buyers won't be able to see everything, and they need to be there to point out important home features. Most buyers feel uncomfortable when the home owners are present, and it can actually do more harm than good.  Buyers often won't even open cabinet or closet doors when the seller is home, and if they cannot view a house comfortably, they'll just move on.

Services for Buyers



Over his last 30 transactions, Ian and his team have achieved a 97% sale to list price for his clients.

This translates to a 3% savings on average for each buyer.

These days anyone can use online resources to view many different aspects of the real estate market, but they need a guiding force more than ever to achieve this level of success. Ian’s has built his incredible track record by precisely adapting to many different types of transactions and clients, while keeping current on market trends. He tackles the toughest challenges by assessing, integrating and thinking through information. Often finding unique solutions before they become problems.

Most of all, Ian and his team have an uncanny ability to understand the needs and wants of his clients, and develops a custom strategy specific to their unique situation - Conclusively translating their goals into tangible success, while making every transaction lighthearted from start to finish. With Ian, your buying power has never been stronger. Success is just around the corner.

Below are resources to help educate you on the home buying process:

Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process copy.png

Escrow Process

45 Day Escrow Process copy.png