West Hollywood

Colloquially referred to as WeHo, West Hollywood is an incorporated city in Los Angeles. It is famous for its unique vibrant shops, restaurants, and large gay population.  It is also considered the most walkable city in all of LA. Known as a very socially minded population, residents have adopted one of the nation's first mandatory green building acts, as well as banning handgun sales and restricting the city from doing business with any country known to violate human rights. West Hollywood is within Board District 4 of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Its diverse homes and inviting atmosphere make it a great place to live for everyone from young singles to families.

Los Feliz

Nestled next to Griffith Park, Los Feliz is an affluent community in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. Named after its colonial Spanish-Mexican land grantee José Vicente Feliz, it’s surrounded by Atwater Village and Silver Lake. Los Feliz village is home or in proximity to numerous restaurants and bars. Some were classic dives in their hey-day, frequented by the likes of Charles Bukowski and Lawrence Tierney. Mickey Mouse was even born in Los Feliz, as Walt Disney drew his first image of the famous character in his uncle’s garage located on Kingswell Avenue. The population is known for being highly educated and boasts many great public schools.

Hollywood Hills

As part of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Hollywood Hills are a hillside neighborhood located in the central region of the Los Angeles. Its population density is among the lowest in the county, averaging little more than 3,000 people per square mile. The area is served by two public school, as well as three private schools; all of which are highly regarded. Home to many notable individuals within the television and film industry, it’s breathtaking views and lavish houses make it a highly desired area.


Beverly Hills

Home to the most famous zip code in the entire country, Beverly Hills is the quintessential definition of ultra luxury. It’s also known for its extravagant shops that align historic Rodeo Drive. Given the size of many homes in the area, the population density is one of the lowest in the county. It’s also a general law city governed by a five-member City Council, including a mayor. Beverly Hills has both standout public and private schools. To no surprise, it’s home to more famous residents than possibly any other city in the world.


Franklin Hills

Home to the Shakespeare Bridge - A beautiful, ornate bridge that links Franklin Avenue between two hills - Franklin Hills is a small, affluent area of homes nested on the hill just east of Los Feliz Village. Boasting stunning homes and scenic views, Franklin Hills offer modern day luxury at its finest, with a touch of old world charm. Now treasured walkways and hiking paths, a series of fourteen staircases were originally built in the 1920’s to provide hillside homeowners pedestrian access to the trolley lines below. Three public, as well as three private schools serve the neighborhood; all highly rated. After just one visit, it’s easy to see that Franklin Hills truly has it all.