Birdseye Views of Los Angeles in 1909

A little piece of LA's history through a series of bird's eye views--Los Angeles in 1909...

Downrown Los Angeles--Pershing Square
Now the site of Pershing Square

The always-fun Big Map Blog has published a bird's eye view map of Los Angeles from 1909--when the bulk of the city stretched allll the way from Westlake to Boyle Heights. It was a time before sprawl, but Downtown itself was quite developed. The map helpfully labels the buildings (and even sketched, some look incredibly cool), so you can see what we've lost and what's managed to survive. Check out some highlights below.Downtown Los Angeles--Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill

Birdseye View Los Angeles 1909

Southern Broadway (There's a big redevelopment planned at the then-new Hamburgers building)



Downtown Los Angeles--Warehouse District

Warehouse District

Downtown Los Angeles--Arts District

Arts District

Westlake/MacArthur Park

Sunset Junction

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Photos courtesy of Big Map Blog